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You Cannot Have What She Has

Martha was a tattle-tale. She was watching and measuring the work input at the gathering. Jesus was everything to her. She probably saw Him as her advocate so she filed a complaint. Martha had welcomed Jesus into her house. Maybe she was hosting because it was her house but she wanted help. Her complaint is a direct accusation not against … Read More

The Tree is Drooping

At some magic moment between Christmas and New Years, someone will notice that the gorgeous tree is drooping. Proud and green is now droopy and dry. The challenge with the tree this year is that it is drooping but it is imitation. I suppose the ornaments may have pulled some needles position downward but I think what is drooping is … Read More

Sitting in a Crate

The look of sheer joy as my granddaughter sits in a little crate at IKEA. She has no idea that the crate is safe or unsafe. Her mother, likely, put her in it so she feels safe. The crate could be rolling down a river like Moses’s basket or teetering on the edge of a table and she would feel … Read More

Gone Away is The Bluebird

So many beautiful Christmas melodies. I don’t know the meaning of each but have favorites. I love “Angles We Have Heard On High” and “Good King Wenceslas”. There are others but these hold special memories of my children singing nightly around the Christmas tree before being tucked in for a long (hopefully) winter’s nap. There are others that make me … Read More

Tag Time

Tag time and the tag says sale. I just spent a near-crisis moment at an after-Christmas sale. If you know Molbaks in Woodinville, WA, it is a splendid mix of refined gifts and, at the other end of the store, a quiet nursery. It is the best collection of Christmas cheer you will find. What had a specific value on … Read More

A Gift for Everyone

“For Unto you”, in regard to Jesus, keeps running through my mind. I am my happiest at Christmas. Even with life throwing surprising circumstances my way, there is an excitement about Christmas. It is more the giving than the getting that I now understand for, “God so loved the world”. For children, Christmas has been manipulated to convince them that … Read More

Christmas Threw Up in my House

I should not have said this but have been saying it for two weeks. It is offensive, funny, and disrespectful of the season all at the same time. I love Christmas for so many reasons but this year I have moved to a home half the size of my home of 23 years. I parted with some Christmas decor but, … Read More

Do Bullies Go to Heaven?

We already know the answer to this question. Yes, bullying is just another way of missing the mark. It is sin and it hurts people but we all miss the mark. I might have already written about this but it came up again this morning in the wee hours. I lie awake and wonder how this could happen to me. … Read More

Not Your Hallmark Moment

“Love Actually” is one of my nieces favorite all-time movies. It has a rhythm and crescendos toward the closing scene of people greeting each other in an airport. The background music repeats, “Where in the world would I be without you” – over and over. The movie does have a moment or two of betrayal which are hard for me … Read More

Straddling Heaven and Hell

We delicately balance what seems real with what we think is really real. Heaven is real but Heaven is waiting. Today I go to work and plan dinner. The dishes need to be washed. I should have read my Bible today but no time. There is an email to answer and a child to pick up. I’m in a hurry … Read More