It’s the Truth


She has quietly been asking God to heal her. It’s been a long year but today she feels whole. The truth is she was whole before she met him. She had been whole for all of the 34 years. She is whole now but it hasn’t felt that way. The carnage of divorce is just ridiculous. I love you. I don’t love you. I’m kidding – I really love you. I haven’t loved you in 20 years. Words spoken by a truly fractured soul. No body deserves to be loved but we love because God loves us. Today it is raining – again. She just drove to the best donut shop in the region to bring sweets to her granddaughters birthday shindig. Her trunk is full of gifts for the little cutie. She is working on keyboarding a praise song. The washing machine works & there is gas in her car. She has a job to go to this afternoon. She still does not like housework. Somethings stay the same. Forget the pending litigation & paying bills on a credit card this month – argh. Nobody dies from divorce unless they want to. She does not want to.