Grilled Cheese and Buried Treasure


It is that time of year again. Some rebels pretend that they are fine just the way they are. Most of us think we can do better. The usual themes showed up all over the internet and in print advertising. Here is a summary of what CostCo thinks we should change: eat clean, standout in 2017, be the real me, be mindful of mindfulness, be a leader, lower stress, get fit, get limber (the same thing?), age courageously, save time, get social, self care, sleep, then after all of that, redecorate your home in the latest tone of grey. That list is exhausting. I still believe that dissemination is the enemy of my success. I try to do too many things then don’t do any of it well. At the YMCA a 3 x 5 foot banner was hung and people filled it with new year’s resolutions. Before it was filled up so that it is hard to read (dissemination), someone had written, “Eat more grilled cheese sandwiches and dig for buried treasure”. I am regrouping on my goals because if they are fun they might just happen!