Pam's Got A Point

Musings and Notions from a Genuinely Evaluative Mind

It’s the Truth

She has quietly been asking God to heal her. It’s been a long year but today she feels whole. The truth is she was whole before she met him. She had been whole for all of the 34 years. She is whole now but it hasn’t felt that way. The carnage of divorce is just ridiculous. I love you. I … Read More

A Burst of Blueberry

I love blueberries. I remember a slice of blueberry pie in Coos Bay, OR, on vacation with my family when I was a child. I like the dull sweetness. So years later, on our honeymoon, my “anxious to please” groom drove me all over Coos Bay and finally found a slice of boysenberry pie – good pie but not blueberry. … Read More

Too Great a Burden

I went for a walk instead. I had hoped to visit my friend who is on hospice. We don’t speak of it but have been spending Friday’s together. I try to see her another time during the week but it was an especially busy week as I prepare to leave town on Sunday. I’ll try again tomorrow. I am so … Read More

If the Goal in Life is…

If the goal in life is to be happy then God would not have invented babies who wake up at 2:00 AM. The sleep-deprived young mothers would rather be sleeping. If the goal in life is to be happy then plants that become food would not require so much attention. If the goal in life is to be happy then … Read More

If We Needed Rain

If we needed rain than the water blotches on my glasses would not be so irritating. See – something as common as rain can bring disaster or relief to the desert. It just depends on where we are. Flooding reminds people to build on higher ground. The sun in the desert is what we hope for but too much heat … Read More

25 or 26

I broke a tooth. It was shrimp at happy hour with a new neighbor – ouch. I am not always happy to go to the dentist but I made my morning appointment. The qualified assistant could not figure out if it was tooth #25 or tooth #26. Only someone who knows a person, their history, or their teeth would know … Read More

Grilled Cheese and Buried Treasure

It is that time of year again. Some rebels pretend that they are fine just the way they are. Most of us think we can do better. The usual themes showed up all over the internet and in print advertising. Here is a summary of what CostCo thinks we should change: eat clean, standout in 2017, be the real me, … Read More

You Cannot Have What She Has

Martha was a tattle-tale. She was watching and measuring the work input at the gathering. Jesus was everything to her. She probably saw Him as her advocate so she filed a complaint. Martha had welcomed Jesus into her house. Maybe she was hosting because it was her house but she wanted help. Her complaint is a direct accusation not against … Read More

The Tree is Drooping

At some magic moment between Christmas and New Years, someone will notice that the gorgeous tree is drooping. Proud and green is now droopy and dry. The challenge with the tree this year is that it is drooping but it is imitation. I suppose the ornaments may have pulled some needles position downward but I think what is drooping is … Read More

Sitting in a Crate

The look of sheer joy as my granddaughter sits in a little crate at IKEA. She has no idea that the crate is safe or unsafe. Her mother, likely, put her in it so she feels safe. The crate could be rolling down a river like Moses’s basket or teetering on the edge of a table and she would feel … Read More