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South of Grace

How far south is murder? Is it south of stealing and slander? Is unbelief south of grace? How about the list in the Book of Ephesians where Chapter 5 begins with “Therefore be imitators of God,…”. In scripture, the word therefore is following what came before which is a good list of the changes a clean heart hopes to make. … Read More

Sizzle and Burn

Ouch! A week later it is an ugly 1.5 centimeter scar that I hope will fade. It was a grease splatter a week ago from serving hot pizza to my Friday game crew. It didn’t really hurt so I served, sat, played, then later noticed a small itch on the backside of my wrist. Rash? I kept playing and probably … Read More


She never noticed. Do not picture this but for 15 months she has lived in this house. Today she notices that the faucet in the bathtub is off center. It works. It does not change it’s functionality but it’s “off”. The symmetry is gone forever. We have lived with “less-than-perfect” and it does not matter a bit. This off-center challenge … Read More


My friend still struggles. She describes the past. He tried to be a good man. Eventually he gave up. Being selfish will overwhelm every relationship in a life. Choosing yourself over your wife, kids, and grandkids will also, eventually, overwhelm you. “God wants you to be happy?” Not. “God will forgive you because He wants you to be happy?” – … Read More

Jesus Doesn’t Need This

Religiosity. I have an idea of what this means although I initially spelled it incorrectly. In a good way it can mean piety. In a bad way it can mean excessive or exaggerated embodiment of religious activity. The criminal word is “activity” because our understanding of grace is we accept God’s gift and cannot earn it. Activity can be a … Read More

Desperate Breathing

When I am not sleeping well I can hear my husband who has a common sleep disorder that interrupts his breathing. It is awful to hear him struggle. We are nothing without air. We are less without water. Too much water and we drown. Nutrition is the next emergency deficiency. Desperate breathing is about balance. Breath in – breath out. … Read More

The Bond of Perfection

Is there anything un-flawed? Think about it. What is perfect? Is a number perfect? Is finding a gift the perfect gift? Is your new love perfect? Is your job, are your kids, your home, your thoughts, your new sexy sweater, your best bud, your vacation, your dream car? No not one is perfect. We expect some little flaw but we … Read More

Addiction Addition

Take any family circumstance, add addiction, and it is worse. God meant for us to have enough control that we can navigate the world. Life is hard enough when we can see trouble coming and going. Life is challenging but, with our faculties on line, we can problem solve. Addiction adds fuzziness and confusion to an, already, challenging day. I … Read More

She’s a Pastor

It was the third time we have seen each other this year. We peered, unexpectantly, through the clothes aisle at everyone’s favorite discount store. How are you? Thank you. What are you up to these days? How are the kids? How are the grandkids? No offense, but I kept driving the conversation and she kept talking about herself. I was … Read More

Fair Share

My friend puts the book in a bag. It’s title? “Fair Share Divorce for Women”. The bag is going to value village where some other desperate and surprised woman will think it may help. It won’t. What my friend wanted was a good and faithful husband. She wanted someone to stay in the room with her on the last day … Read More