Addiction Addition


Take any family circumstance, add addiction, and it is worse. God meant for us to have enough control that we can navigate the world. Life is hard enough when we can see trouble coming and going. Life is challenging but, with our faculties on line, we can problem solve. Addiction adds fuzziness and confusion to an, already, challenging day. I don’t drink. I’m not addicted to alcohol but I can see no benefit. What good thing comes from wine and it is expensive. I dare you to explain it to me. Dare you! When we watched him drink nine beers at a pool party that is dangerous. Another friend drank himself silly in Las Vegas. Walking in a straight line down Las Vegas Blvd is beneficial. Not walking a straight line is dangerous. I Cannot figure out what is wrong with seeing the world clearly. It can be a mess but it is our mess if we want it. Skip sober and you might miss the best days of your life. Just say’in…

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