A Burst of Blueberry


I love blueberries. I remember a slice of blueberry pie in Coos Bay, OR, on vacation with my family when I was a child. I like the dull sweetness. So years later, on our honeymoon, my “anxious to please” groom drove me all over Coos Bay and finally found a slice of boysenberry pie – good pie but not blueberry. I appreciated the gesture and I hope I covered him with appreciation. We are 34 years past that trip and my burst of blueberry today has to do with aging. Even my granddaughter turning two this month is aging. I’m alone and no one thinks to bring me blueberries. This morning I ate a blueberry biscuit for breakfast. I think my smile is nice but hours later my teeth yielded a burst of blueberry. A happy taste but only because my teeth are not young anymore. Even with all of the above I will always love blueberries and hope there are blueberry bushes in Heaven or maybe just an awesome bakery with generous slices with no calories? A girl can hope and dream…

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